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What's in the box

Green Leaf Toys offers high-quality toys that must tick all the boxes. We are inspired by a Montessori philosophy which allows children to build trust and confidence in their own skills.


Jean Piaget said that "play is the work of the child" and we take that very seriously. Our toys are picked according to age and interests to help support engaging and educational playtime.

Natural Materials

According to the Montessori methodology wooden toys resemble the natural world and connect the child to nature which is essential in the early years of development. Plus, no toys end up in landfill!

Open Ended

Open-ended toys allow for creativity and encourage curiosity. One toy can be many things! They also help develop basic skills such as gross and fine motor skills.

Sustainably Made

Our toys are chosen with sustainability in mind. All toys comply to the strictest European standards and certifications to ensure only responsibly sourced materials. All to make sure the final product is safe and ready to play.