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We get that a new system like renting toys may not be so easy to wrap our heads around. So here are some of the most asked questions!

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How does it work?

Green Leaf Toys works as a membership. Simply sign up, pay for the box (monthly, half-yearly or annually) and you''ll receive a box full of toys to enjoy. Every 2 months, we will email you with instructions to return your box and choose (or accept) your toy selection. You will receive a new box with fresh new toys to play with. Then, pack it back as tidy as possible and send it back to us. All the work of curating the toys, buying them and sending them to you is done by us so you just have to sit back and play. YAY!

Why should I rent instead of buying?

Renting means you can enjoy high-quality toys at a fraction of the price. It also means your child will enjoy fresh new toys every few months. Keeping your tot entertained and mastering new skills with each set received. While you save time (and money) not having to look around and buying new toys, you save your sanity by providing high-quality, educational toys for your little one/s! You don't even have to worry about donating, disposing (eeek) or having to deal with marketplace hassles to sell your toys - we look after all of that for you so you only have to spend time playing (or relaxing)!

Are the toys safe and clean?

Wooden toys are naturally antibacterial and much safer than other plastic alternatives (which usually contain BPAs, PVC, etc). Plus, they go through a thorough cleaning process before arriving at your home. We only source safe products which are made with natural paints and dyes, making sure your little one has the best quality toys to play with.

How long do I keep the toys?

Our memberships were designed with your child and the planet in mind. You will receive a new box every 2 months so your tot can master all the skills possible and we save the planet avoiding unnecessary shipping.

Can I choose which toys I receive?

Not yet. We are working really hard on the background to offer you this option.

Meanwhile, just leave a note of your checkout for any swaps or preferences and we'll do our best to pick the right toys to you.

I have more than one child. Can I pick different toys?

For bigger families, we recommend you choose our 8 or 10 toys boxes and add on your notes your children's age and toy preferences and we'll make sure to include toys for the whole family.

What if I want to keep a toy?

We get it, kids get attached to some toys and if you'd like to purchase them, you receive a 20% off retail price on the toy of choice. Just email us on and we'll organise it for you.

Can I rent a toy for longer?

Yes, you can choose to keep a toy in your rotation. Email us and we will get it all organised for you.

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