This is our subscription policy. If you subscribe to our services you agree to the terms and conditions in this policy.

What’s Included in a Toy Rental?

Each shipment includes curated educational wooden toys, varying based on the subscription level you chose at checkout. It also comes with a prepaid return label for easy exchange.

Subscription Costs

Subscription fees are detailed during checkout and are payable as per your selected plan.

Auto-Renewal and Cancellation

Subscriptions auto-renew, but you can cancel anytime online or simply email us on Cancellation stops future charges, but no refunds for fees already paid unless otherwise agreed with you in writing. You can return toys at the end of the paid period.

Payment Methods and Terms

Payment is due immediately upon incurring fees. Provide a valid payment method. Ensure it’s current and sufficient to avoid disruptions. We are not responsible for credit card or bank fees unrelated to our service.

Promotions and Discounts

Occasionally, promotions apply, but eligibility is at our discretion.

Changes to Subscription Fees

Fees, toy availability, and packages can change and we will endeavour to provide notice as soon as feasible. You can cancel if you disagree with changes.

Toy Kit Duration

Keep toys up to 7 days after your next rental kit arrives or the end of the paid period. You may buy toys at a discount if you want to keep them. You can email us on to arrange purchase and shipping (if needed).

Toy Exchange Process

You will receive an email before the two months period has ended for your toy exchange. You can modify your exchange within 3 days. Your new toys will arrive within 5-10 business days. You have up to 7 days before return old toys using the provided return label. If you have any queries or lost your return label, please email us on

Toy Cleaning

Our cleaning is done with safe, natural and approved disinfectants. We use the Organic Disinfectant Cleaning Kit by Resparkle which is tested in laboratory and proven to kill 99.99% of germs. It’s a hospital grade solution which allows for deep cleaning without harsh chemicals. The formula is hypoallergenic and alcohol free. All toys are cleaned, dried and packaged before being sent to you.

Shipping Costs

For rentals, we offer free carbon-neutral shipping. If you are buying an item, it may incur shipping costs. Please email us on if you wish to purchase a toy from your kit.

Toy Delivery Time

Delivery usually takes 5-10 business days, with tracking provided.

Toy Age Recommendations

Provide your child’s age at checkout for a curated toy selection. We include a selection of age-appropriate toys to cover different skills and learning opportunities.

Purchasing Toys

You can buy your child’s favourite toys at a discount during the exchange process. Email us on so we can help.

Lost or Damaged Toys

Minor wear is expected, it’s part of playing. If parts are missing, please try to find them and can ship them back to us in your next box. Toys with significant damage are deemed toys that cannot be sent to another family. Significant damage, which may be caused by dog marks or several missing parts, for example, will incur replacement charges at a discount cost.

Return Packaging

Any suitable box can be used for returns. We recommend you keep the box the toys were shipped to encourage reuse and a lower carbon footprint.

Lost Return Label

Simply email us on to arrange for new label.

Damaged or Missing Parts

If you receive a toy with damage or missing parts, email us on to report the issue, and we’ll send you a replacement and instructions on your next steps.

Subscription Cancellation

Return your toys by the last day of your paid period. Repackage them and drop off at your closest Post Office or Sendle Location. Returns made after 7 days of delivery of the new kit may incur additional fees of $15 per week.

Late Toy Returns (After Receiving New Set or After Cancelling)

  • Return within 7 days of receiving new toys to avoid additional fees.
  • After 30 days, full retail price may be charged.

Expired or Declined Payment

We’ll notify you by email, and unless otherwise agreed, your subscription will end after the current period.

Warranty Information

We don’t offer warranties on toys. Please see our Website Terms & Conditions for details.


You can request a refund if you are unsatisfied with your purchase within 7 days of delivery. Toys must be returned before refund can be processed. Please see our Website Terms & Conditions for details.

Please review these policies carefully, and if you disagree, refrain from purchasing toys or toy subscriptions from us.