Your newtoysare here!


Now, it’s time to unpack and display all your new (to you) toys!

Everything in your box is either recyclable or compostable (yay!) but we recommend you keep your box to send it back to us #reuse

We ask that you keep the bags and instructions to return later. If you can’t keep your box you can use any other box to return your toys.


In each box you will find your toys, some instructions, a thank you card and an ‘age’ card with some helpful info and ideas to help kick off playtime!

Each box may come with its own way to play so read the leaflet included and let the fun begin!

Oh and please be mindful to keep all items safe for returning.

Now, off to save the planet playing!


In two month’s time you will receive an email from us to let you know a new box is coming your way! You can also update your new box in case you want to swap any toys.

Btw, you can keep your toys with you until you receive you new box.

Once you receive your new toys, start collecting all the ‘old’ toys, instructions and bags and pack it back nicely in the box you’ve kept (or any other you have lying around).

PS: if you find any missing parts, send them with your next box.


When you first received your kit, it came with some extra tape and a returning label. Now, it’s time to put it to good use.

Once you have your box packed, place the returning label on the box and using our water activated tape you can seal the box. In case you never used one before, here’s a quick video to show you how to do it at home.

Now, head to your closest AusPost for drop off and get back to saving the planet playing, you legend!

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